Amish Electric Fireplace Review - Magic Heat Or Marketing Magic?

I love this Country. We don't manufacture as many products as we used to, but we'll always be the masters of the marketing universe. No other country can take something as mundane as a 1,500 watt space heater and repackage it as the Second Coming. A perfect example of this marketing ingenuity is the Amish Heat Surge Electric Fireplace.

It Rolls! It Glows! The Heat Surge miracle heater is a work of genius from the China coast! Real Amish Craftsmanship goes into each mantle! And, to quote the Heat Surge website, "It's not just a fireplace; it's a fine piece of furniture."


But you have to ask yourself: Do I want to spend 7 for a mini electric fireplace on wheels that produces no more heat than any other 1,500 watt space heater costing 0 dollars less?

Amish Electric Fireplace Review - Magic Heat Or Marketing Magic?

Just to be fair, this is a valid question for all electric fireplaces, not just the Heat Surge. Believe it or not, you could easily spend more than ,000 for a combination electric fireplace/entertainment center heated with the same 1,500 watt unit.

No matter how much you pay for an electric fireplace, the cost attributable to the electric heating insert is about 0 (retail). So every dollar you spend over 0 is for the mantel piece. In the case of the Amish Cherry Fireplace, 0 subtracted from the 7 retail price leaves 7 for the cost of the mantel.

Since the Amish heater is a mini electric fireplace, it's difficult to find a similar sized electric fireplace for the sake of comparison. The best I could come up with is the ProCom 24" cherry finish electric fireplace.

Although this fireplace is the smallest ProCom makes, and uses a similar 24" wide heating insert, it's overall dimensions are still 2 1/2 times larger than the Heat Surge.

The last time I checked, the ProCom 24" cherry finish fireplace was available online for 0. After subtracting 0 for the heating insert, the mantel piece for the ProCom costs 0.

So why would you be willing to pay more than twice as much for an Amish mantel less than half the size of a comparable fireplace costing 30% less?

It's the magic of marketing Baby!

If you buy an Amish electric fireplace, it won't be for the boring 1,500 watts of heat offered by every other space heater out there. What's going to get you excited enough to whip out your credit card is an unexplainable attraction to the Amish, the promise of superior Amish craftsmanship and pride of ownership.

I can't explain an unexplainable attraction, but I'll accept the claim of superior Amish craftsmanship. However, "craftsmanship" comes at a price. Over a three year period, the premium you pay for an Amish mantel piece will add an additional a month, or 0 to your actual heating costs when compared to the purchase price of a Pro Com 24" fireplace.

This leads me to the second problem I have with the marketing of this product.

If you go to the Heat Surge website you won't find one picture of the Amish fireplace with the wheels attached. The reason for this, in my opinion, is the wheels make it look "dinky" compared to the "substantial" look it has when pictured without the wheels.

So how much pride can you take in a product the manufacturer is embarrassed to show in its entirety?

This is a shame. The wheels are actually a selling point because they provide the means for zone heating - simply wheel the fireplace from room to room as needed. Zone heating, or heating only the room you occupy, allows you to dial back your home's master thermostat for substantial fuel savings.

On the other hand, attempting to "zone heat" your home for multiple occupants spread out in multiple rooms with just one Amish fireplace is impossible.

I have a few other issues with their marketing claims that I could delve into, such as "It uses about as much energy to run as a coffee maker" and regional energy costs, but they have little bearing on cost effectiveness when you pay 7 for a 1,500 watt space heater.

Amish Electric Fireplace Review - Magic Heat Or Marketing Magic?

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Marketing

The term marketing implies the single goal of profit. It is categorized into two, direct marketing and indirect marketing and there is a significant line of difference between the two. Direct marketing is basically business from manufacturer to consumer without the involvement of middlemen, whoever it is. This is generally done by mailing the consumer or contacting him directly, so he can know about the products. The use of media advertisements is very limited and whatever little use is made includes only the demonstration of their products with call back numbers. Direct marketing is a boon and a bane, both in some respects:



- Direct marketing involves direct business. So it is cost beneficial for consumers, as there is no price hike due to wholesalers or retailers.
- Marketing executives can state certainly of the exact response to their products.
- The profit or loss can be more accurately judged.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Marketing


- Sometimes, direct mailing offends the customers and many do not endorse it as they say it inhibits their private lives.

But most marketing managers are in support of this kind of business. The various forms in which direct business is made are:

- Direct mailing: Here, paper mails are sent to the selected groups of people, who likely to give positive response e.g. the paper mails of latest food processor is sent to all homes where house wives are resident so that immediate response is seen. Also CDs can be used as demonstrating media.

- Email Marketing: Here, emails are sent to all the selected customer categories with repeated intervals of time. But most of these are put into trash and spams. So the effectiveness of this form cannot be predicted.

- Telemarketing: In telemarketing, calls are made directly to the consumers and the concerned product is advertised. People sit at call centers to sell products on behalf of their clients. But this form of direct business is quite unpopular and most people oppose the uninvited calls. It was initially made illegal but later on new laws were re-enforced and calls are now made only to those who don't mind them.

- Voicemail: Telemarketing created a lot of consumer opposition and consumers would abuse the ones advertising on the phones. In order to avoid this, voicemail marketing was introduced, wherein; the entire advertisement is digitally recorded and presented.

- Use of coupons: Coupons are attached to direct mails and sent to the consumers. These generally advertise and give cost benefit to the consumers. So they avail these coupons and respond fast.

- Television marketing: Advertisements are given on the television and demos are with toll-free call back numbers or certain websites for the consumer to get in touch with the manufacturers.

- Broadcast faxing: This is the least popular form of direct marketing. The ads are directly faxed to the consumers.

Direct marketing can thus become successful only if the entanglements with the consumer are good. It can be B2B or B2C. It measures exact consumer response.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Marketing

James Copper is a writer for

Different Types of Marketing

If you want your company to succeed, at some point you will need to begin marketing your products or services. The old adage that the worst type of advertising is no advertising is still true. No matter what your marketing budget may be, there are many different types of marketing that you can take advantage of. Let's take a look at a few of the more proven techniques that combine low cost with major results.

Online Marketing


Online marketing has opened up incredible avenues for small businesses. Thanks to companies like Google and Overture, you can place ads for your company right along side the big guns at competitive prices. Never before has it been easier to market your business than it is right now.

Different Types of Marketing

New forms of online marketing are also making headway. Online video ads are easy and cheap to shoot and give you the kind of exposure that was previously limited to expensive national television campaigns. With low production costs and reasonable pricing, you can run an online video campaign at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Offline Marketing

The benefits of traditional marketing cannot be overlooked in our digital age. Many companies are reaping the benefits of combining online and offline marketing techniques. For example, you can use direct mail or local advertising to drive potential customers to your site. This is a great and proven combination that results in increased traffic and better conversions.

You can actually save money on print campaigns by relying on your website to do the actual selling while the print ad can function as a pointer. You'll save money using less words while building brand awareness. Radio ads are still a proven way to increase awareness of your company. If you are new to radio marketing, try placing a sample ad with a local station. They'll be able to assist you in producing your first ad until you get the hang of the process.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful forms of advertising on the planet. The best word of mouth comes from satisfied customers. Go the extra mile for them, and really work towards building relationships with your customers. This will result not only in more leads but they'll keep coming back to you in the future. Try running special promotions or coupons for these regular customers to help them feel that they are special and you'll really be able to continue to build on these relationships in the future.

The best marketing strategies take advantage of all the different types of advertising. By spreading your ad dollars around you can be assured of greater success and better interaction with the public. Start small by combining a special promotion that will run both in print and online avenues at the same time. You can keep track of the success of each method by using coupon codes to see which form suits your company the best.

Different Types of Marketing

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