20 Free Marketing Ideas

Marketing could make or break a small business. Successful marketing is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your small business. If you are searching for good marketing ideas and have a limited budget, here are 20 that are completely free:

  1. If your marketing offends someone it will probably be a success
  2. Get someone to tell a friend. Hopeful someone will tell another friend and it will become viral
  3. Collect email addresses from prospects so that you can build a relationship (with permission, of course)
  4. Everybody makes marketing mistakes, learn from yours
  5. Give a sample away for free.
  6. Perform an outrageous publicity stunt
  7. In some instances it is better to co-operate with a competitor rather than compete
  8. Create a company blog
  9. Ask clients for written testimonials
  10. Study the marketing techniques of your competitors. Do what works for them
  11. Be seen as an expert in your field by writing EzineArticles
  12. Write a press release and submit it to newspapers and magazines
  13. Differentiate your product. Just know that your product also must be good. A different product that sucks is useless
  14. Give something of value away for free via a contest
  15. Put your logo and website URL on everything
  16. Learn from the pros - read Seth Godin's marketing blog, read the Guerrilla Marketing series of books
  17. Don't just make a promise in your marketing message. Deliver on your promise or you will be seen as a liar
  18. Sponsor a popular local event
  19. Use the new media
  20. Follow your gut instincts


20 Free Marketing Ideas

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