Marketing Plan Example: Basic Outline

Everyone today knows the importance of marketing for the success of any business. As important as it is, marketing is not a simple task that anyone can rise to any day and succeed. There is a big risk in that a poor marketing strategy will leave the business in a worse condition than it found it. That is why it is necessary to have good plan before setting out to market your business. Below is an example of a marketing plan. It is just an outline of the essential components of the plan.

The target population


Highlight who the marketing plan will be targeting as the potential customer. Point out in detail the age and preferences of that target population. During this stage, you need to get hold of all the data regarding the product usage trend of the population you are targeting so that you can know exactly what their needs are.

The marketing message

This will depend on the type of population that you are targeting. Once you understand their needs and age, these are the points to keep in mind in order to determine what message will effectively reach them with impact. The language will differ with age, culture and time. Essentially, the marketing message should be catchy and attention grabbing. Keep it short, straight to the point and as interesting as you can make it. A good example would be "Win a free phone with every purchase of..."

Marketing strategy

This is the most crucial part of the marketing plan. This is where you highlight what media you will use to communicate your marketing message. You need to keep in mind your target population during this stage as different media would be appropriate for different kinds of population. You also need to figure out what benefits you will give to your potential customers. Marketing is about telling the customers how they will benefit from the product with an aim of convincing them that the product in question is the best.

Implementation and follow up

This is the last and very important stage. You draw up a plan of how you will implement the marketing strategies you have come up with. This is a plan of how you will roll out the plan till the end. Then you will need to follow up on every stage of the marketing plan in order to evaluate its results, in terms of how number of sales has changed. By so doing you will be able to determine what needs to be improved and how.

Marketing Plan Example: Basic Outline

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