Marketing - Target Marketing or Mass Marketing?

Mass marketing versus target marketing, which one will you use? I suggest integrating both. Target marketing simply explained is marketing to an audience more likely to be receptive to your marketing messages. Understanding and evaluating a key market for your goods or services and successfully launching an advertising campaign requires acquiring data through various sources and segmenting these sources into refined data that can then become your target market.

Many starting businesses focus on mass advertising strategies hoping to catch as many customers as possible but working in this fashion can put a strain on your budget and ultimately waste money that could have better well spent on increasing customer satisfaction or expanding your business. There is nothing wrong with mass advertising, what is wrong is advertising to the masses without understanding the mass you are advertising to. I don't care if it is a branding campaign, there must be some focus and discipline, even in a large branding campaign.


Creating an ideal market for you to advertise to will require the understanding of some key elements in marketing. One of the most important elements is demography. Demographic data is very important in finding particular information within a geographic region such as gender, age, income, religion, race, etc. Through the harvesting of this data you can better understand what types of marketing message will work or not in reference to what you are selling.

Marketing - Target Marketing or Mass Marketing?

Consumer's might perceive certain advertisements differently and some advertisements may even insult them. Certain audiences can be turned off by a particular message, make sure that you don't offend who you might want as a customer in the future.

If you were to be advertising in BZ City through a mass advertisement you would use demographic information to see how your product might reflect on the majority of the people living there first and what type of advertising messages will be better received. How much of the particular market might actually find value in your goods or services can be determined almost entirely through demographic research.

1.) What you want to do first is research the regional demographic data for your campaign.

2.) Segment the largest percentages into the top two of each demographic trait.

3.) From there start thinking on how your product can benefit each group positively and what their perceptions might be of your goods or services.

4.) Now start to brainstorm what types of advertising and what messages would appeal most to the seniority of these groups.

NOTE: This may require psycho graphic data to be appended to the demographic data for better evaluation of behavior.

5.) Study case studies for marketing for your demographic market to get an idea of what you may be up against.

6.) Now cram all that data together and see how you can create a compelling and inspirational advertisement for your product to all the top two demographic groups in one message. Is it possible? Let the idea stew for a while, you might be surprised.

HINT: This same demographic information can now help you figure out what medias and what media niches will work for your campaign. Ingenuity and creativity will always be fundamental, just make sure it is backed with some hard fact data. Good luck.

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Marketing - Target Marketing or Mass Marketing?

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