Market America Scam Revealed

Is Market America a scam or not? That is what we will determine in this article today. Market America is a one to one brokerage and internet marketing/sales company that specializes in Mass Customization. It is a franchise without actually being a franchise. It offers all the benefits of what a franchise does; However, it does not have all the fees and overhead expenses linked to a franchise. It was founded in 1992 by James Ridinger and its main headquarters resides in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The business model is a little complicated and it requires the business owner to recruit others into its network of other owners throughout the business. Market America is considered to be part of the network marketing industry, but in order to qualify your business you must purchase 200BV worth of the product. BV is approximately 80 percent per 1 dollar spent. Once you have bought the products, you then have to remain on a "transfer buy" of 50BV to 150BV each month. For example, lets say you bought 120 dollars worth of products, that would equal 100BV. As your business grows you then will start to accumulate points. Once you have accumulated a certain amount of BV points you will then start to receive commission checks for your efforts.


I want to give you some more specific details regarding the compensation plan that Market America uses. First, as I said before there are two sides to your business. These are called your "legs." One of your legs will sit on the left of you and the other on the right of you. Now once your finally qualified to begin making money with this system your sponsor will recommend you to research a list of people that you know and then began inviting them to home gatherings, parties, formal meetings, one on one meetings, and even hotel presentations. If this is something your interested in doing then Market America could be a good fit for you.

Market America Scam Revealed

Now in order to qualify your business, you must purchase a certain amount of the products as well as get your two "legs" or sponsors you recruited to join your business. The amount to qualify is a ballpark figure of 300 dollars to 1000 dollars of their products. Once you buy the products, you will then be encouraged to buy a couple more hundred dollars worth of business materials. Then once your initial purchase qualifies you as your center you are then required to purchase at least the bare minimum of products every quarter, but this varies based on your position within the pay plan scale. Lets use a ballpark figure of the people you will have to recruit in order to make money. Let's use 300 people for example. Now once you have activated your center with the two other people you are networking with, you will then be able to collect commissions based on the amount of traffic or volume you create within your two partners you have recruited. The BV point will determine how much you get paid.

Even though Market America claims their products are far more effective then those similar products in their market, their products are focused on skin care and nutrition. Also, they call their main product line a "Mall without Walls", which is true since you can't buy it in retail stores. In addition, most of their products are based on health and wellness.

In my opinion, the real truth here about Market America is this. For the amount of sales you generate, the payouts are not very lucrative. It requires a lot of work, numerous people are involved, and there is very little payout in return. In conclusion, Market America is not to bad with there payouts compared to the other MLM companies out there; However, I personally feel that Market America's payouts are not for me. So is Market America a scam? No Market America is not a scam, but like I stated earlier the compensation plan is just not appealing to me.

Market America Scam Revealed

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