Five Best Selling Flea Market Items For Summer

If you want to make big profits in a small sales business, you must find the best selling flea market items. Starting a flea market business is a great way to make extra money or create an entire income with sales. The best selling flea market items, although they may vary from location to location, are standard in most cases. The following best selling flea market items can help you make money.



Both pre-printed and solid t-shirts are hot sellers at many flea markets. With low prices, people will be happy to buy them in bulk. Un-printed t-shirts are especially popular at flea markets with a large blue-collar population. In the hot summer sun, workers need a lot of t-shirts to stay clean.

Five Best Selling Flea Market Items For Summer


On hot summer days, hats sell quickly on a flea market table. Although straw hats can be difficult to transport, cloth hats such as baseball caps and trucker hats are easy to store and set up for sale. Hats are great impulse buy items on sunny days. Offer an assortment of mens, womens, and childrens hats for maximum sales.

Costume Jewelry

Trendy costume jewelry with beads, leather, metal, and charms sell quickly to kids and teens. It is also very easy to find costume jewelry at low wholesale prices. More teens are out at the flea markets in the summer when they have no homework on the weekends.


Both inexpensive generic sunglasses and knock-off designer look-a-likes sell at flea markets. People will buy them simply because they forgot their shades in the car and they can't stand the glare.

Cheap Toys

Kids at the flea market often have a dollar or two in their pocket. It is easy to sell cheap toys to them if your prices are low enough. Kids are out of school and looking for fun in the summer.

Learn how to target the right flea market products to the season if you want to maximize your income. When the summer brings the hot sun to the sale venue of your choice, anticipate what customers want and give it to them cheap. Profits will soar.

Five Best Selling Flea Market Items For Summer

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