Stock Market Holidays

Are you searching for stock market holidays for 2012 which could affect your ability to trade stocks or foreign currencies? Or maybe you were not aware of such holidays which the money markets and foreign exchanges around the world are closed and unavailable to any and all traders. What are stock exchange market holidays anyways? They really exist?

2012 Stock Exchange Holidays


Stock trading holidays are the days when certain stock trading markets and foreign exchange markets are closed around the world and unavailable for stock trading. This means nobody will be trading any stocks on these days and will not be able to conduct business as usual. Of course, this only applies to which ever country you are trading stocks, funds or bonds in.

Stock Market Holidays

According to, there are only three holidays in 2012 which the foreign markets are closed and nine days which the U.S. Stock Exchange is closed or closes early. The foreign countries with stock-market holidays in 2012 are India, Mexico and Japan. These were the only holidays we could find for foreign exchange markets.

The United States Stock Exchange calendar for 2012 as well as foreign exchanges are listed below for your reference. We noted several authority websites on the topic and created our list of the holidays which the markets are closed.

Stock Market Holidays For 2012

The list we have obtained for the financial market holidays in the states for 2012 are accurate and up to date at the time of this publication. We have done our best to omit errors and have tried to provide the correct holiday schedule for the stock market in 2012.

You can view the list we have compiled just below...

New Year's Day - January 2, 2012

Martin Luther King Jr. Day - January 16, 2012

President's Day - February 20, 2012

Good Friday - April 6, 2012

Memorial Day - May 28, 2012

Independence Day - July 4, 2012

Labor Day - September 3, 2012

Thanksgiving Day - November 22, 2012

Christmas - December 25, 2012

Here is the short list of foreign stock exchange closings for the year 2012 as we have researched:

03/08/2012 - National Stock Exchange of India closed for Holi

03/19/2012 - Mexico City closed for Juarez's Birthday

03/20/2012 - Tokyo Stock Exchange closed for Vernal Equinox

The list of financial market holidays for 2012 is short and sweet and that's how we like it. After all, if the stock markets are closed then you aren't able to do any trading or conduct your business as usual. That's never a good thing in our opinion, we want everyone to be able to make money everyday.

Stock Market Holidays

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