5 Steps to Creating a Winning AdWords Strategy

Managing a Google AdWords campaign can be intimidating at first, but there are several ways to launch an online marketing campaign without stress. If you've already tried (and failed) with conventional online marketing promotions and campaigns, or even offline strategies such as direct mail and print advertising, Google AdWords is a naturally great fit for your goals.

Online marketing gurus like Perry Marshall have already laid the groundwork for meeting your marketing goals with Google AdWords, and achieving this success is much easier than you probably think. As a matter of fact, you can skip all the books and seminars you thought you'd have to spend days or even weeks reading and attending, and simply follow the step by step method described below.

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Here are five of the most important pieces of advice you'll ever get in regard to creating and maintaining successful AdWords ads.

1. Make use of keyword suggestion tools. On the Internet, there are a great many tools available that can help you choose the right keywords for your AdWords ads. Perry Marshall suggests Wordtracker's Keyword Universe, or another keyword suggestion tool that will generate useful keywords and related keywords.

2. Spy on your competitors. You don't need an in-house market research team to find out what your competitors are doing; there are a wealth of resources now available online, and spyfu.com is one of them. Marshall also recommends this tool for finding out what types of keywords your competitors may be bidding on, and how much they're paying. This is useful when you want to estimate what your daily or monthly budget might be, and what specific keywords and keyphrases you should be focusing on.

3. Write your ad the right way. You only have two key lines to play with when you're composing your ad, so the sequence of keywords and the specific phrases you use can literally make or break your ad. If you list benefits before features, you have a stronger chance of getting that click.

4. Aim for page one, even on a low budget. Many people cut their bid prices instead of lowering their budget amount - big mistake. Cutting your budget means you may not even appear on the first page of sponsored search results if your price is too low; you'll be much better off lowering your bid price when possible so you can still appear on the first page of listings on every search for that keyword.

5. Run a secondary ad. Split testing is one of Perry Marshall's key methodologies for a successful Google AdWords campaign, and it is a tried and tested formula that may help you get results fast. Instead of creating just one ad and waiting for the results, split testing means you create a variation of your original ad and run it simultaneously. This not only helps you fine-tune your efforts, but can also end up lower your bid price for a specific keyword or keyphrase over time.

Getting started with Google AdWords is a simple process, but you need to begin with the right approach to get results immediately. Start things off with these five steps so you can start getting clicks and driving traffic to your blog, website or sales page with ease.

5 Steps to Creating a Winning AdWords Strategy

Marketing with Google AdWords is a powerful technique that most websites can use to find more sales. Creating quality Google Ads is one of the most important skills to have when using AdWords - and there are several good training guides available online.

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