Whats the Best Bait Boat on the Market

There are so many baitboats currently on the market each with there own features. Baitboats are an expensive accessory to your fishing kit, so lets have a look at some of the options.

Angling Technics are a well known brand of bait boats and have a good selection of models on the market. There first bait boat was that known as the standard bait boat and was a proven success. With a large bait capacity and jet pump engines it proved very popular. They have recently released the Technicat bait boat, which again has a large bait capacity, looks good, and is well made as any of the Angling Technics bait boats are. However its quite expensive and it only has propeller engines which can pick up weed etc so for the money i would either go for their Microcat which has been relaunched as a MKII version.


Viper are another good manufacturer when it comes to baitboats. Their quality is second to none and all of their boats have the following features

  • Constructed from strong ABS plastic
  • Jet pump engines as standard
  • Promise to keep your bait dry including PVA bags
  • Good maneuverability

Viper have a few models available which include the popular Mk3 boat which has undergone various improvements over the years and is packed full of features. The Euro which is basically a larger version of the MK3 which can carry more bait, has larger jet pumps and a special recess for their echo sounder. Its more suited to larger waters such as France. Viper also have the Icon on the market which is the smallest of their boats and also the cheapest. It still carries 1kg of bait and is a great little boat.

For reviews of Angling Technics, Viper bait boats and more have a look at this baitboat website which gives great reviews, looks and specifications and is packed full of information.

Whats the Best Bait Boat on the Market

Author - Andy Durham

Reviews and specifications of all http://baitboats

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