SAP Sales Order Types, Configuration

In the initial screen of the sales order entry sales order type should be entered. Based on the order type entered system displays the subsequent screens. The below are the most important order types present in the SAP.

1. MTO Order
2. Parts Order
3. Returns
4. Credit memo request
5. Debit memo request
6. Invoice correction request


MTO order type is used for the parts which will be manufactured according to the customer requirements. To specify the customer requirements generally variant configuration is used. Once the sales order is created sales order creates a requirement in MRP. When the MRP runs (MD01/MD02), system creates a planned order. Planner converts this planned order into production order. After goods are manufactured, goods are received into the plant with respect to the production order. Sales order is delivered when the goods are available, and an invoice will be issued to the customer.

Parts order is used to sell the stock items from the plant. when the shipping date reached system creates a delivery note (VL01N). Shipping clerk ships the goods and do a post goods issue (VL02N). Post goods issue reduces the inventory and increases the cost of goods sales. An invoice is issued to the customer in the batch job or manually in VF01.

Returns: Returns order is created when a customer wants to return the goods. Return order creates the return delivery document (VL01n). When the goods reaches the plant or ware house shipping clerk receives the goods and do a post goods issue in the system. A credit memo is issued to the customer.

Credit memo request: This order type is used to issue a credit to customer. Generally a credit is given to the customer, when there is a over billing or duplicate billing. For this order there is delivery presents.

Debit memo request: Similar to credit memo request debit memo request is used to debit the customer. When the customer is less charged, to issue a debit memo, debit memo request is created.

In the order type configuration, delivery type, billing type controls whether a particular order type has delivery or billing. For credit memo requests there won't be any associated delivery type. Sales order type controls the following.

  1. Pricing relevency (whether an order is relevant for pricing or not).
  2. Billing type (Order related or Delivery related). Credit / debit memo requests are always order related billing
  3. Header text control.
  4. Header output control
  5. Variant for the screens.
  6. Eligibility for Billing
  7. Eligibility for delivery

Item categeory at the line level controls the flow of the order. One sales order can contain two line items, one with delivery and another without delivery. Item category similar to order type has similar controls. Schedule line category which is associated with the item category controls the movement type used during the delivery.

Ex: One line item can be delivered from consignment stock and another from unrestricted stock.

SAP Sales Order Types, Configuration

This concludes the different kinds of sales orders possible in SAP, and sales order controls. Please click here for SAP training. For SAP Access, please click here.

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